Opel Club meeting

Opel Club meeting

The Alt-Opel Interessengemeinschaft's main event in 2001 was held in Peine. The local campsite put up many of the participants, many of whom had brought along a period caravan.

Opel Blitz

Opel Blitz

Opel Treffen

Opel Treffen in 2001

Opel Olympia Rekord

Opel Olympia Rekord




1950 Opel Olympia, 1939 Kapitän, 1960 Rekord P2, 1953 Olympia Rekord cabriolimousine

1950 Opel Kapitan Cabrio

1950 Opel Kapitän Cabriolet

opel parts for sale

Old Opel parts for sale


Looking for those hard to come by bumpers or headlamps? Look no further.

street parade

Parade through the streets of Peine, Germany.

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