Front-wheel brakes

Front-wheel brakes

from: THE AUTOCAR, October 15th, 1921.

Front Wheel Brakes.

The principal feature of the development of the front wheel braking system is that its application has now been extended from large cars to cars of quite moderate power. The Delage, Alba, D.F.P., Irat, and the Vermorel are cars of less than 15 h.p. rating, yet they are fitted with front wheel brakes. To use an Americanism, the French public is sold to front wheel brakes, whereas British motorists are still hesitating, or, if acquainted with past history, are showing some hostility. The explanation is that no unsatisfactory four-wheel braking systems have been put on the market in France. The first demonstrations were on racing cars, and these tests were conclusive.

The same system was then applied to high-class touring cars, and carefully worked out on vehicles built in the finest manner, it invariably gave satisfaction. As a consequence, the French motorist, taken as a class, knows that front wheel brakes are efficient, that they are safe. and that they do not call for any special attention-and he is demanding them for touring cars.

A still further step has been taken in this braking system. Servo brakes are being introduced. Hispano Suiza produced the first; Ballot has one on his sporting model : Panhard has incorporated a servo in the high-grade eight. The Ballot servo brake, the feature of which is that it makes it impossible to lock the road wheels, has been taken up by Chenard-Walcker and Bignan, among other makers of moderate-powered cars.

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