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This part of the site contains miscellaneous information about classic cars and motoring in general.

Ever wondered what the difference is between a saloon and a sedan? See the glossary of coachbuilding terms.
Motoring, or or automobilsm as it was then still known, over 110 years ago. An article from the August 6th, 1921 issue of The AUTOCAR takes a look back.
Jottings: If you think the price of fuel is high these days, have a look at this column from the October 16th, 1920 issue of The Autocar, in which the magazine wonders about the future of air-cooling and mass-production.
As ABS systems become more and more commonplace, even on smaller cars, it is interesting to note that in 1921 most British cars were only fitted with brakes on the rear wheels. The new system of front wheel brakes was first tried out on racing cars, a practice still in use today.
What is more natural? Driving on the left or the right-hand side of the road? The article 'Driving on the Left" provides some background information.
opel olympia
Opel Olympia Cabrio Coach
From: the Adventures of Tintin (King Ottokar's Sceptre)
François de Dardel has put together a great overview of the cars featured in the Tintin books.

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