Cars of Cuba


Like the mediterranean island of Malta, Cuba is an open air car museum. As far as motoring is concerned, time has stood still since 1959, when the Cuba revolution took place. Due to Cuba's proximity to the USA, most of the 'exhibits' are US makes, but you do still see the odd British and German Fords. A friend of mine, Bert Eleveld, recently visited Cuba and sent me these great pictures.

picture of old cars in Cuban street

Away from the tourist traps

picture of Dodge car


Dodge parked in a shopping street in Havanna.

street scene taken in Cuba

Various modes of transport

The most modern car in this picture is an ancient but ubiquetous Lada.

Emergency stop

Emergency stop

picture of white car

A day at the beach

Ford Zephyr

Ford Zephyr

A British Ford Zephyr Mk II (1956-1962). Note the sign above advertizing Dutch beer.

Former Dutch bus

Dutch bus

Holland has sold (or donated) the previous generation of coaches to numerous developing countries. This DAF coach still bears the original Dutch direction film - Holwerd. The lace curtain is not a standard feature!

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