Hillman Minx Phase 5

Hillman Minx Phase 5

A couple of external changes for the Phase 5 (vertical bars at the sides of the grille and chrome guards on the rear wheel arches).

Minx 1951

1951 Hillman Minx Phase 5


Hillman Minx Convertible

1950 Hillman Minx

KFM 996 (1950 Phase 4)

The author with the family's first car.

Spot the differences department. The colour picture is from the brochure. The b/w one accompanied a road test report in the 28 June 1952 issue of 'Bedrijfsvervoer'. The sky looks a bit different, the balcony seems the same, the fine young ladies and young man in the UK brochure are very decently dressed, as opposed to the beachware in the other picture. The car looks the same too, except that it has grown overriders (an optional extra) and a miniature number plate.

Beach scene

Brochure beach scene

Beach scene

As printed in 1952 Dutch magazine

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