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Links - Collections portal - this is the Dutch cars subsite of portal

Classic Car Catalogue - A collection of brochure illustrations and photographs, arranged by year and by make. Info is in Polish, but navigation is easy to master.

VeloceToday - The Online Magazine for Italian & French Classic Car Enthusiasts

CarType - A website featuring a comprehensive collection of emblems, car company histories, logos, reviews of typographical & graphical applications, design features and just about anything that is car related.

87th Scale - European portal, exclusively dedicated to 1/87 scale models, edited by collectors from different countries.

Storia Industria - promoting knowledge about Italian Industrial History in Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta.

Wheelnut - dedicated to the automotive enthusiast community in New Zealand and Australia.

Virtual Auto Museum - an album of photographs representing year, make, and model.

Remco's Classic Car Gallery - a site full of pictures of cars from a bygone era.

Simply Classics - A selection of classic cars, bikes, aircraft and boats For Sale/Hire in Australasia. If you need more information on the cars they have on offer, check out the 'Classic Model Info' section where you will find the history of numerous makes and pictures too.

Zuckerfabrik24 This Austrian site contains a collection of car photos and brochures. Includes Fiat, Steyr-Puch and Tatra. Lots of pictures and nicely laid out. (German) The daily Magazine & Marketplace dedicated to the pre 1940 car

Histories of over 980 British Motor Manufacturers in business between 1894 and 1960. Includes those who never made it beyond the prototype or design stage.

Porsche Museum in Gmünd The museum is located in Gmünd, Austria, where Porsches were built from 1944 to 1950.

Classic Avenue Companion site to a thorough classic car catalog available in bookshops in Holland - includes extensive catalog with photos and specs. In Dutch!

Andrei Bogamolov's site contains a fascinating overview of vehicles in Russia.

British cars Scions of Lucas

Yahoo! RecreationAutomotiveMakes and Models


Ritzsite is part of a much larger collection of pictures of classic cars. All original work

Ted's Vintage Advertisements Museum period advertizing

Gazoline the site of the French magazine and home of the Simca web ring. Loads of classic car info.

Cars portal - this is the cars subsite of portal

Zappsite - another portal for classic cars

Fossil Cars - Classic Car Site

Great Old Cars Great Old Cars classifieds service has many unique features to help you sell your items FAST! It is the perfect, targeted, user-friendly venue to connect sellers with buyers of collector cars, parts and services. Also, appraisal, VIN decode services and research information

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