Links - Makes

Links - Makes

One-make sites and sites with particularly good sections on certain makes


Austin Counties Car Club Lots of information and pictures of Austin's Devon, Cambridge, Hampshire etc.


Citroën Links

Citroën This site is dedicated to the products of the most forward thinking and innovative mainstream motor manufacturer - Citro√´n

De Soto

De Soto Homepage Excellent site devoted to De Soto - includes well-written 12-page history of the marque.


Ford Taunus M Club Club site devoted to German Fords.


Historical outline of Hillman models


The Hudson Jet This site is devoted to one model, the 1953-1954 Hudson Jet. History, photos, restoration, links etc.


The Jaguar Enthusiasts' place on the Internet, jag-lovers

Jaguar portal - links to numerous Jag sites in Holland and elsewhere.


The Kaiser Frazer Owners Club is devoted to Kaiser, Frazer, Henry J, Darrin, Allstate and Willys Aero / Jeepster vehicles


MG Cars Enthusiasts' Club

MG car club of Toronto

MG portal - links to numerous MG sites in Holland and elsewhere.



Mercedes Veterans

Mercedes-Benz Museum

Mercedes-Benz Interessengemeinschaft


NSU RO 80 Scandinavian forum for people interested in all kinds of NSU vehicles



Homepage Opel Kapitaen Club

Alt-Opel Home page of the Alt-Opel Interessengemeinschaft in Germany Historische Opel Club Nederland Opel Classic Parts; Oberé & Meyers V.O.F.

Opel portal - links to numerous Opel sites in Holland and elsewhere.

Homepage Danish Opel Club


203 / 201 Peugeot World


The Porsche factory site has a good section on classic Porsches

356 Registry Homepage includes a thorough history on 356s, a spotter's guide, technical info and more


Renault 16 pages


Riley Register


Rosengart and Simca 8 site (in Dutch) - history, specs and a restoration report


The Rovamania Classic Rover Web Site

1947 Rover P2 This is the story of Tilly, a 1947 Rover P2 16hp Sport Saloon (four light).

Rover P6 club

Rover P6 Owners Club caters for the 2000, 2200, 3500 and 3500S cars from 1963 to 1977

Rover P5 club

Rover P4 pages

Rover portal - links to Rover sites

Recommended reading: Rover, The First Ninety Years - by Eric Dymock - ISBN 0 9518750 1 9


Fly off to the cubase collection of Saab links has all the parts needed to keep your SAAB running

Saabcars online - all you need to know about Saabs

Saab portal - links to numerous Saab sites in Holland and elsewhere.


Chris Mackerell's SIMCA Vedette V8 page (New Zealand)

Home of the Dutch Simca club new address

Photo Simca French site featuring lots of Simca images

Simca Matra Sports Club Interesting Dutch club site for Simca, Matra, Talbot and Sunbeam cars - history, images and loads of links


Skoda Museum The Skoda company site includes a wel-designed museum section which features photos and a complete list of all Skodas (and Laurin & Klement) vehicles ever built. In Czech.

Skoda club site - includes a good history section with numerous photos and scans. (Dutch)

Skoda portal - links to numerous Skoda sites in Holland and elsewhere.


Classic Triumph Directory Your comprehensive guide to UK based companies & International resources for the famous Triumph motor cars.


Interesting site dedicated to the Wolseley 6/80

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