NSU 1000, 1200, TT & TTS

NSU 1000, 1200, TT & TTS

NSU modellen

The NSU range in 1971, with the basic 598cc Prinz on the far left.

NSU 1000 C

1971 NSU 1000 C

The 1000C was more grown up than the very basic Prinz. Its 1000cc engine gave it reasonably nippy perfomance, top speed being 130 km/h. In the brochure NSU seem to realise that the 1200 was a bit on the expensive side, claiming that although larger cars were to be had for less money, this 'status symbol' was evidence of good taste.

NSU 1200

1971 NSU 1200

The TT and TTS models were much more desirable than the other Prinz derivatives. Billed as sports cars, although not according to everyone's definition, they certainly were fast. The TTS had a smaller engine (1000 cc) than the TT, but went faster (160 km/h).



1971 NSU TT

  • Engine
    Air-cooled Straight 4, 1177cc
  • Power
    78 DIN HP @ 5500 rpm
  • Transmission
    4 speed manual
  • Chassis
    Unitary construction
  • Suspension
    Independent front and rear
  • Brakes
    Disc front, drum rear
  • Top speed
    155 km/h
  • Acceleration
    0-100 km/h: 13.1 s