Opel Olympia (1947-1953)

Opel Olympia (1947-1953)

Opel Olympias were offered from 1947 to 1953. From 1953 to 1963 the cars became known as Olympia Record. The name Olympia was dropped in 1967.

48 Olympia

1948 Opel Olympia

The Olympia was the first series to leave the Rüsselsheim works after the war. Nearly 26,000 were built, many for export countries. Changes in January 1950 included a new front end, more chrome and the then modern column gear-change.

1959 Olympia

1950 Opel Olympia

1951 Olympia

1951 Opel Olympia

Cabrio Coach

1951 Olympia Cabrio Coach

Specification 1950 Opel Olympia Engine 4 cylinder 1488cc Power 37 hp @ 3500 rpm Transmission 3 speed column change Chassis Unitary Suspension Coil front, leaf rear Brakes Drum Top speed 112 km/h Acceleration Dimensions l 4050 x w 1564 x h 1580 mm

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