Simca Ariane (1957-1963)

Ariane (1957-1963)


The Ariane had the body style of the (old) Vedette coupled with the reliable and economical 4 cylinder Flash engine.

Ariane 4

1960 Simca Ariane 4



1957 Simca Ariane


The Ariane (above) is a 1957 model - S and elongated V emblem on the bonnet - from a 1958 brochure! From 5-11-1957 to 30-9-1958 the cars were adorned with a stylized A. From 30-9-1958 onwards the elongated V returned, this time with the words 'ARIANE' above it ('SIMCA' was used on cars for certain export markets).


life in the 50s

Life in the 50s


Ariane models

1960 Simca Ariane models


About the 1962 model: "Detail changes have been made for 1962 to all these cars. which all underwent their most important change last year by the introduction of the five-bearing "Rush" engine, with automatic vacuum-controlled spark advance. The "Montlhéry" 4/5-seat passenger saloon was described by Maurice Trintignant as a sports car power plant in a series produced car. Now with the 70 b.h.p. engine, and renamed "Spéciale". this model has been made available in a new metallic grey finish. Of similar power and the other prestige models, the "Monaco Spéciale" 4-passenger hardtop, the "Océane" two-seat hardtop and its sister "Plein Ciel" convertible. The six-seat Ariane Miramas has had its sound-proofing improved still further; three versions of this car comprise the standard, the SL (Super Luxe) with some extras and the GC (Grand Comfort) with contoured Autogalbe seat back and Chambord type upholstery in elastic, leather-grained fabric. The low-priced Etoile has a slightly more luxurious version, the Elysee, a four/five seat saloon with four doors."
From: European Cars 1962 by M.J. Wilson


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