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August 2018 - 20 years old!

August 2016 - some edits and removal of dead links

April 2015 - cleaned up some dead links - thanks Chris

March 2014 - minor corrections and additions

August 2013 - various updates and new content

January 2013 - Illustrations added

July 2012 - Added some more scans

February 2012 - Various edits and updates

January 2011 - Happy New Year

April 2010 - Museum section updated (Treasure Trove menu)

January 2010 - Zundapp microcar pictures added and Chevrolet updated. New Plymouth scans.

December 2009 - Messerli Swiss Junkyard Auction added to 'Treasure Trove' menu; TVR

Summer 2009 - not much added, just some maintenance chores carried out

Spring 2009 - Hoffman. Standard, Heinkel, Lotus, Opperman and Aero, Citroën DS, Austin Healey 100 and 3000 added

January 2009 - Pictures added

July 2008 - Goodwood Festival of Speed photos added

May 2008 - Tulip Rally added

December 2007 - Site migrated to a new cms (Drupal).

Virtual Car Museum

January 2007 - More pictures added.

October 2006 - I have updated the guestbook - please check it out and leave a message…

February 2006 - More content added - there are now over 400 pages.

January 2006 - Numerous new makes added (including Volvo which people have been asking about).

December 2005 - I have been forced to stop using the popular Nedstat webcounter, due to their adding pop-ups and pop-under advertizing.

November 2005 - Makes added: Alfa Romeo, BMW, Citroën, DAF, Lancia, Panhard, Pegaso, Standard, Sunbeam and Volvo. I have made the site a bit wider (1024 pixels) to make room for the large pictures.

October 2005 - New guestbook. The old one was getting vandalised several times a day.

July 2005 - Check out the special web album I have added on the Goodwood Festival of Speed page (under Events)

June 2005 - Ads by Google added

January 2005 - Now that so many people world-wide are on broadband, I have decided to introduce large format pictures. 640 pixels wide will be the norm for all new material added in 2005.

August 2004 - Ferrari pages added. They are part of the Treasure Trove section

March 2003 - Peugeot, Austin, Singer, DKW added. Check out the pictures of the Opel Club meeting

August 2002 - Since the move to my new host, the number of page views has risen considerably. One reason is that the previous host (Geocities) imposed restrictions on data trasfer (and just shut down the site for an hour each day), and the other reason is that I now have much more reliable sitestats. Just in case you are interested, in July 2002 the site attracted 8978 visitors who viewed a total of 50902 pages.

May 2002 - Site extensively re-styled. Makes added are: Ford Germany, Ford UK, Wanderer, NSU, .. . Treasure Trove contains pictures of classics in daily use, cars gracefully rusting away and specials on the cars and buses of Malta.

May 2001 - Site restyled and makes and sections added.

March 2001 - new URL:

March 2001 - Index (home) and car index pages combined.

December 1998 - Navigation and section pages redesigned. Various makes and models added.

September 1998 - Won 3rd prize in Geocities' 2nd Virtual Car Show

August 1998 - First version of the virtual car museum site started on after being inspired by Gunnar Maskin's excellent OPEL Classic Automobiles website ( to which I contributed some Opel scans. The site is now offline after having been purely static for many years.

Site Statistics

January 2009 - A review of the stats for 2008 shows yet another increase in pageviews and visitors. Almost 3.5 million pages were viewed by nearly 800,000 of you. Thanks for visiting the site!

December 2007 - During the last twelve months over 640,000 people visited the site and together they looked at 2,740,000 pages. The average number of page views is slightly down on last January's figure.

January 2007 - Last year the number of visitors per day rose to 2000, The daily average number of pageviews is about 9000.

April 2006 - Last month the Virtual Car Museum attracted 60,898 visitors who looked at a total of 272,000 pages.

November 2005 - Since the takeover, NedStat - now SiteStats - have started generating pop-up advertizing. I have had to remove the code.

I am pleased to report that the number of vistors and pageviews is continuing to rise. The number of unique vistors has shot up from 650 per day a year ago to 1625 per day in October 2005. The daily average number of pageviews is 7900. Last month 16.751.579 kilobytes were transferred (that includes links to images that people put in forum messages). The most popular page by far is the one on Harry Potter's flying car (stolen recently) . The majority of visitors have COM or .NET address (which means they could live anywhere in the world, but most are presumably in the US), followed by NL, UK, BE, IT, FR, DE, FI, PT and PL.

Thank you all for visiting my site and I hope you'll be back regularly.




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The brochures scanned for this web site were originally published by the respective manufacturers. Photographs without credits are original press photos. Pictures with credits are used with permission. Pictures may be downloaded for your personal enjoyment. However, inclusion of any picture published on ANY of these pages on other web pages or use of the car pictures for commercial purposes is NOT permitted without the explicit consent of the author.



Many manufacturers obligingly dated their material (particularly the US companies), but I have had to do a lot of research to determine the age of many others. So, if I have got anything wrong, please let me know by e-mail or leave a message in my guest book. Thanks to Mr Jos Rokebrand for the loan of part of his brochure collection. Thanks also to Mr Alex de Jonge for developing a web site Content Management System. After years of manual HTML coding and non-standard html code magically being inserted by Front Page, I can now concentrate solely on the content. Bert Eleveld contributed the fine photgraphs of cars in Cuba - thanks Bert. Many years ago I downloaded loads of images of car adverts from Usenet. These images are tagged as ABPA, as in most cases I am unable to ascertain who scanned the original. Thanks to 24-bit who kindly allowed me to use any picture he had posted there. Thanks also to Tyler Linner who has let me use his scans (=tl in filename)


Original manufacturers' brochures and a bookcase full of books: "The Complete Encyclopedia of Motorcars" by G.N. Georgano is the main source of general info about each make.



Web Design and other Technical Details


For those who are interested, this site was developed on an iMac (my workhorse). I use Drupal as the CMS (an Open Source Content Management System) in combination with the Bealestreet theme. I resize and crop my scans with Seashore (the Gimp Open Source image editor). The server runs on Linux with Apache. MySQL and PHP. (January 2010)

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