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Silver Arrows - Silberpfeile | Louwman Museum

Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows (Silberpfeile) exhibition at the Louwman Museum in The Hague (Netherlands)

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TVR meetings

2010 pre-M ties meeting2010 pre-M ties meeting


2011 TVR M-ties meeting2011 TVR M-ties meeting

Martin Lilley came over to Holland for the occasion!




Louwman Museum


The Louwman Museum

The Hague


Vintage and VeteransVintage and Veterans


The photos shown here were taken in Raamsdonksveer. 


Sample of the vast collectionSample of the vast collection

The museum is located in The Hague. It was opened by Queen Beatrix on 2 July 2010.



Daffodil 61-63

Daffodil 1961-1963


1961 Daffodil1961 Daffodil



1961 Daffodil1961 Daffodil



Presumably aimed at attracting a more affluent clientele.


1965 Daffodil1965 Daffodil


1965 Daffodil1965 Daffodil


New front end treatment - note the less steep incline of the bonnet (hood).


1966 Daffodil

Tulpenrallye 2008 Tulip Rally

In 2008 the classic Tulip Rally returned to Annecy, France, to commemorate the fact that 60 years ago the famous Dutch rally driver Maus (Maurice) Gatsonides (later known for the speed cameras that bear his name) and French rally ace Marc Angelvin came up with the idea of the Tulip Rallye whilst sitting on the shore of the beautiful Lac d'Annecy. All the contestants were parked at the huge and imposing Impérial Palace Hotel.


Shown here are shots taken on 4 May, the evening before the start.

Concours d'Elégance Paleis het Loo

Concours d'Elégance Paleis het Loo

The show was host to a fantastic collection of pre-war racing cars and a retrospective of cars designed by Giugairo.  Autovisie organised the Dutch National Concours at the same event. The 2008 theme was cars of the sixties.


Shown here are a selection of photos taken at the 2005 Het Loo Concours d'Elegance

Alfa Romeo Helvetia

Volvo 343 & 300 (1976-1986)

1976 Volvo 343 DL

1976 Volvo 343 DL

The 343 was designed by DAF before the take-over by Volvo, although DAF never manufactured it themselves.

Volvo 66 (1975-80)

When Volvo took over DAF (the passenger car division), the DAF 66 got the Volvo safety treatment (visually that means enormous black bumpers). The model remained in production until 1980

1975 Volvo 66

1975 Volvo 66

1975 Volvo 66

1975 Volvo 66 station car

Super Oldtimer Festival in Leiden (NL)

Super Oldtimer Festival in Leiden (NL)

The Super Oldtimer Festival in Leiden. Usually the car park outside is just as interesting to car buffs as the event itself. More Ferrari pictures here.

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