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Citroën 2CV

1968 Citroën 2CV AZ1968 Citroën 2CV AZ

Citroën DS

Citroën DS 19 & DS 21


1963 Citroën DS 191963 Citroën DS 19



1968 Citroën ID 191968 Citroën ID 19



1968 Citroën DS 21 Pallas1968 Citroën DS 21 Pallas

Tulpenrallye 2008 Tulip Rally

In 2008 the classic Tulip Rally returned to Annecy, France, to commemorate the fact that 60 years ago the famous Dutch rally driver Maus (Maurice) Gatsonides (later known for the speed cameras that bear his name) and French rally ace Marc Angelvin came up with the idea of the Tulip Rallye whilst sitting on the shore of the beautiful Lac d'Annecy. All the contestants were parked at the huge and imposing Impérial Palace Hotel.


Shown here are shots taken on 4 May, the evening before the start.

Schlumpf Collection, Mulhouse


The National Museum - Schlumpf Bugatti Collection is chronicalled all over the web and in hundreds if not thousands of books.

Entrance display

Main entrance display



Simca 1000 Rallye

Simca 1000 Rallye I & II

Simca 1000 Rallye

1974 Simca 1000 2 (green) and 1 (orange)



Both models were fitted with the 1294 cc engine, the Rallye 1 producing 60 hp and the Rallye 2 82 hp. The twin carbs on the Rallye 2 must have helped! The 2's roadholding was noticeably better than that of the Rallye 1 - one reason being the very sticky tyres (not exactly long-lasting if I remember correctly).


Matra-Simca 1965-1983

Matra Simca 530 and Bagheera 1968-1980

Matra Sports was established in 1965 when Matra (aerospace company) took over the René Bonnet company (Matra built the fibre-glass bodies for Bonnet). In 1969 Matra was taken over by Simca. 

1973 Matra 530 LX

1973 Matra 530 LX


The Matra 530 LX was fitted with an 85 hp 1700cc V4 Ford Taunus engine

Simca Sports models 1951-1960

Simca Sports models 1951-1960

Simca produced a number of coupés and convertibles, starting with the Simca Huit Sport in 1949. Bodywork was by Facel Metallon (who later built cars of their own under the Facel Vega name).

1953 Coupé Simca 9 Sport

1953 Coupé Simca 9 Sport

1956 Simca Aronde 1300

1956 Simca Aronde 1300


Simca Vedette (1955-1961)

Vedette (1955-1961)



The Vedette started off life as a Ford (France) Vedette. Simca took over the Ford works in 1954 but the Vedette was sold as a Ford for some time after the take-over. The 1956 models below sport a Ford badge.

Ford Vedette

1956 Ford Vedette

Ford Vedette

Chrysler 160, 180, 2 litres 1970-1976

Chrysler 160, 180, 2 litres 1970-1976

Chrysler's big saloon was designed in Coventry and manufactured in France. Later it was produced in Spain. The main differences between the models were the level of trim and the engine size: the 160 had a 1600 cc engine, the 180 an 1800 and the 2L a 2-litre unit. The 2 litres was only availble with automatic transmission.


1974 Simca Chrysler 160

Simca Ariane (1957-1963)

Ariane (1957-1963)


The Ariane had the body style of the (old) Vedette coupled with the reliable and economical 4 cylinder Flash engine.

Ariane 4

1960 Simca Ariane 4



1957 Simca Ariane


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