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Volvo 164

1968 Volvo 1641968 Volvo 164



The 6 in the designation stand for 6-cyclinders. Bodywork was similar to that of the 140 series. The grille however was narrower and higher on the 6-cylinder models.


1972 Volvo 164: Press photo1972 Volvo 164: Press photo


Lombardi [IT]


Carrozzeria Lombardi built numerous cars based on Fiat chassis. The most elegant and sporting model was the  Lombardi Grand Prix, with production starting in 1968. The Grand Prix was created on the Fiat 850 chassis, including the rear-engined configuration. The Grand Prix was fitted with the 850's 843 cc, four-cylinder engine that produced 34 hp. Even so, Lombardi claimed a top speed of 160 km/h for the 630 kg sports car. It was sold through Fiat dealerships and was covered by the standard Fiat warranty.


Peugeot 504 1968-1983

Peugeot 504 1968-1983


1975 Peugeot 504

The 504 was introduced in 1968.

504 break

1971 Peugoet 504 Break

504 coupe

1971 Peugeot 504 Coupé

504 coupe

R6 1968-1971

R6 1968-1971

1972 Renault 6

1972 Renault 6




MGB with hard top


MGB 1976


MGB 1974


MGB details

Jaguar XJ6 saloons (from 1968)

 Jaguar XJ6

1968 Jaguar XJ6

The XJ6 of 1968 was destined to survive for 18 years. It was a replacement for both the large Mark X and the Mark II saloons. It was low and sleek and exceptionally well refined. The 4.2 litre engine was essentially the same as the Mark X unit, but a new 2.8 litre engine was also offered. Most XJ6s were fitted with automatic transmission, although a manual gearbox was offered.


Ford Escort [1968-1974]

Ford Escort [1968-1974]
Ford Escort

1971 Ford Escort


Ford Escort overview
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