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Jaguar E-Type (1961-1975)

Jaguar E-Type (1961-1975) known in the US as the XKE

 Jaguar E-Type

1961 Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar E-Type

1961 Jaguar E-Type Hardtop

Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar Mark I (1955-1959)

1957 Jaguar Mark I

1957 Jaguar Mark I


Jaguar mk 1

Jaguar MK X (1962-1966)

Jaguar Mark 10


1961 Jaguar Mark X

1961 Jaguar Mark X

The large saloon line was updated in October 1961 with the Mark X.

Jaguar Mark X

1965 Jaguar Mark X 4.2 Litre

Jaguar Mk II (1960-1968)

Jaguar Mark II 2.4

1960 Jaguar Mark II 2.4

Jaguar Mark II

1960 Jaguar Mark II 3.4


Jaguar Mark II

Jaguar Mk VII (1951-1956)

1951 Jaguar Mark VII

1951 Jaguar Mark VII

The Mark VII was launched in 1950 as a replacement for the Mark V (there being no Mk VI). It was powered by the new twin-cam 3.4 litre straight six engine designed specially for it. This model sold particularly well on the US market, for which an automatic gearbox was designed. The VII M appeared in 1955. The "M" developed 190 hp. The model was replaced in 1957 by the Mark VIII.

Jaguar Mk VIII (1956-1959)

The Mark VIII replaced the Mark VII in 1957. It is identifiable by the one-piece curved windscreen. Production lasted only two years, when it was succeeded by the Mark IX.

Jaguar Mark 8

1957 Jaguar Mark VIII

Jaguar Mk IX (1958-1961)

 Jaguar Mark IX

1958 Jaguar Mark IX


Jaguar Mark 9

Jaguar Mark IX

A good-looking Mark 9 photographed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. [© by Phil Seed 2002]

Jaguar XJ6 saloons (from 1968)

 Jaguar XJ6

1968 Jaguar XJ6

The XJ6 of 1968 was destined to survive for 18 years. It was a replacement for both the large Mark X and the Mark II saloons. It was low and sleek and exceptionally well refined. The 4.2 litre engine was essentially the same as the Mark X unit, but a new 2.8 litre engine was also offered. Most XJ6s were fitted with automatic transmission, although a manual gearbox was offered.


Jaguar XK 120 (1948-1954)

The sensational 120 was introduced in 1948. It shared its chassis with the Mark V, although the 120's was shortened somewhat. The XK120 was equipped with the new twin-cam six cylinder engine.

Jaguar XK120

Jaguar XK120

© Phil Seed 2002

Jaguar XK 120

XK 120 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed


Specification Jaguar XK 120

Jaguar XK 140/150 (1954-1961)

1955 Jaguar XK 140

1955 Jaguar XK 140

Jaguar 140

1955 Jaguar XK 140

Drop head coupé and fixed head coupé

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