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Silver Arrows - Silberpfeile

Silver Arrows - Silberpfeile 1934-1939


Special exhibition at the Louwman Museum in The Hague: 11 October 2012 to 6 January 2013

The legendary pre-war Mercedes-Benz racing cars on show outside Germany for the first time in 30 years. The original W25, W125, W154 and W164 models are displayed together with the 1936 W 25 12-cylinder Rekordwagen in which Rudolf Caracciola reached the incredible speed of 372 km/h.


Silver Arrows - SilberpfeileSilver Arrows - Silberpfeile


Zundapp, an established motorcycle company, produced this remarkable microcar from 1956-1958. 


Zundapp JanusZundapp JanusZundapp JanusZundapp Janus

VW Golf (Rabbit in US)

The Golf was introduced in July 1974 as the replacement for the Beetle. It was sold as the Rabbit in the USA.
VW Rabbit 1976VW Rabbit 1976


Hoffmann [DE]1949-1954

Hoffmann manufactured bicycles before venturing out into the world of motorcycles and microcars. The Auto-Kabine 250 was based on the Isetta, but the design was adapted somewhat (side doors) as they were unable to acquire an official licence from ISO. BMW (who did have a licence to make Isettas) successfully sued Hoffmann, who had to cease production after just over 100 vehicles had been sold.


1955 Hoffmann: Auto-Kabine 2501955 Hoffmann: Auto-Kabine 250




Heinkel [DE] 1955-1958


Borgward Isabella 1954-1961

Borgward Isabella ad: from a Danish newspaperBorgward Isabella ad: from a Danish newspaper


Ford Köln

The German Ford Köln (named for the city of Cologne, where the factory was located), was marketed as a real people's car (Volkswagen) long before the VW started production.

Ford Koln

Image: ABPA


Opel Rekord B

The B Rekord was very similar to the A model, but with new grille and rectangular headlamps. 


Opel Rekord B

Rekord A

Opel Rekord AOpel Rekord A

The new Rekord was larger and roomier than the P2. It took styling clues from the US Chevy II. Available in 2-door, 4-door and Caravan versions. From 1964 on a coupé and a six-cylinder model appeared.



Opel Rekord AOpel Rekord A

Ford Taunus 12M & 15M 1955-1957

Ford Taunus 12M & 15M 1955-1957 (Weltkugel)

1955 Ford Taunus 12M

1955 Ford Taunus 12M

1955 Ford Taunus 15M

1955 Ford Taunus 15M


1955 Ford Taunus 15M

1955 Ford Taunus 15M


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