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1937 Cadillac

1937 Cadillac1937 Cadillac

Chevrolet 1937

Chevrolet 1937Chevrolet 1937


AERO Prague (Czechoslovakia) 1929-1947

Aero started production of a cyclecar, the Aero Type 500 in 1929. The 1937 Aero 30 shown here was really quite good-looking, particularly as a cabriolet. All Aeros were fitted with 2-stroke engines, the 30 with a 2-cylinder 998 cc unit. Production was restarted after the war, but only lasted until 1947.



Morris Fourteen



Pre-war models

Pre-war models

1937 Morris

1937 Morris Twenty-Five Series II

Advertisement on the cover of Motor in 1937

170 V and Diesel models (W136)

170 V and Diesel models (W136)

The 170 V was introduced in 1937. The model got a couple of facelifts in the course of the years. In 1952 the louvres on the side of the bonnet (hood) were replaced by two horizontal strips. The spare wheel cover was an optional extra.

1952 Mercedes 170

1952 Mercedes 170

1952 Mercedes-Benz 170 V

DKW Reichsklasse, Meisterklasse & Sonderklasse

DKW Reichsklasse

1937 DKW Reichsklasse

1937 DKW

1937 DKW Luxus Cabriolet
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