Translation - other languages

This site is in English, not just because English has become the language of the Internet, but because it is my mother tongue. I have tried to avoid overly complicated sentences but if there is any part you do not understand, why not try Babelfish or, even better in my view, 
to translate the text into another language (link opens in a new window).

You can use it to translate single words, whole sentences and even entire web pages into several major languages used throughout the world, such as Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, German , French, Portuguese and Dutch.

If you need this tool a lot, you can install a bookmarklet button in Firefox, and other modern browsers, to make it more convenient to translate sections of text you have highlighted..
Anyway, herzlich willkommen, bienvenue, اهلاً و سهلاً, benvenutu, boa vinda,

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