Triumph Renown 1949-1954

Triumph RenownTriumph Renown

This six light four door razor edge saloon was initially introduced in 1946 as the 1800 model, being powered by an overhead valve conversion of the pre-war Standard 1800cc engine. This unit was also used in the smallest engined Jaguar of the time, though a Solex carburettor was used in place of an SU.


Luxury interiorLuxury interior


Triumph RenownTriumph Renown


In 1949 the model was named Renown and a long wheel base version remained in production until 1955. The wet liner Standard Vanguard engine was fitted from 1949. The steering column gear change and bench front seat made the Renown a roomy car. Overdrive was available as an option from the early 1950s.

Renown LimousineRenown Limousine

The Limousine had a longer wheelbase of 9ft. 3 in. (2820 mm) to make room for a dividing partition, fitted with safety glass sliding panels. The front bench seats were not adjustable. The rear seats were of the divan type with a folding centre arm rest. A radio was installed in the rear compartment and the heater and air conditioning unit heated or cooled the rear compartment directly.

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